Custom Software

EAS Inc. has experience developing computer simulation software for designing Corporate Sampling Strategies or a Sampling Strategy for a specific process. EAS Inc. works with the client to determine the existing Sampling Strategy and to set the initial strategy design goals, and then designs a customized strategy simulator which the client (with EAS Inc. assistance if necessary) uses to design a new or fine tune an existing Sampling Strategy.

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Designing an Exposure Assessment Strategy

  • Strategies
    • Parametric, non-parametric (simple decision rule), and mixed strategies (see Technical Report 05-03)
    • Corporate exposure assessment strategies based on the AIHA Exposure Assessment and Management Model where professional judgment is explicitly utilized for designing a process-specific Sampling Plan
    • Strategies for situations where the exposure data are expected to be highly or severely censored (i.e., all or a high percentage of the measurements are expected to be blow the limit of detection)
  • Requirements: a 768×1024 monitor or higher, Windows 10.