Exposure Assessment Strategy Simulator

As a service to the industrial safety and hygiene community, Exposure Assessment Solutions, Inc. has developed and released as freeware the Exposure Assessment Strategy Simulator Version. The Exposure Assessment Strategy Simulator was designed solely for educational purposes, to simulate and illustrate how different exposure sampling strategies may perform in actual exposure scenarios.


The Exposure Assessment Strategy Simulator is intended to be used after reading the Exposure Assessment Solutions, Inc. Technical Report 05-03 “Performance-based exposure assessment strategies for TWA expsoure limits.

A performance-based strategy can be defined as strategy for assessing workplace exposures that is designed to reliably achieve a specific objective. Here we will assume that the objective is to reliably detect unacceptable exposure profiles (i.e., work environments). The Exposure Assessment Strategy Simulator permits the user to estimate the effectiveness and efficiency of the following strategies:

  • An (OSHA) inspector strategy as it would be used by an employer to determine compliance with the OSHA Z-table PELs
  • OSHA-NIOSH 6b strategy (used in most of the OSHA 6b single substance standards)
  • The AIHA “Similar Exposure Group” (SEG) strategy
  • Alcoa-Damiano “Homogeneous Exposure Group” (HEG) strategy
  • CEN “HEG” strategy

With the strategy simulator it can be shown that relatively minor changes can substantially improve strategy performance.

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