Frequently Asked Questions

New License Keys

A new license key can be obtained from the License Key page. A new key is needed if you get a new computer or change the computer processor, operating system, memory, size of hard drive, etc.

Download and Setup Issues

The setup file does not work when I click on it.

Some webbrowsers – particularly Firefox – will add “.htm” to a downloaded setup file (or any executable file having “.exe” at the end of the file name). Highlight the setup file in your file browser, press F2, delete the “.htm” at the end of the file name, and press enter. This should restore the original file name so that Windows knows that it is an executable file. Double click on the file name and the program should install as intended.

My Norton firewall claims that the setup file is unsafe and has quaratined the file.

The newer Norton products – Firewall or Security Suite – will evaluate each downloaded setup file to determine if it is widely used or not. If not, Norton concludes that the file may represent a danger and quarantines the file. This happens for our setup files even though they have been in use for several years with exactly the same file names. If we issue an updated setup file it has a new creation date and size. Norton considers the updated setup file to be a “new” setup file with virtually zero users, therefore it may be a security risk in their view. While this is a useful feature of Norton’s, this action is causing problems for software developers who service small communities as many of the users running Norton products have difficulty downloading and installing updates. We are checking into ways to prevent this from happening in the future.

While it may vary with the Norton product, you should recieve a warning that Norton has detected a potentially unreliable program and has quarantined the file; i.e., deleted the file from your Download folder and placed it under armed guard in some hidden cell in the ether space. To release this innocent, falsely accused program, go to something similar to “Check Security History” and view the “Recent History”. You should be able to either restore the program and/or exclude the program from future quarantine actions. The setup file should now be in your Download folder.