IHData Analyst

The IH Data Analyst (IHDA) is an innovative, unique product especially designed to assist the industrial hygienist in interpreting datasets where the sample size is small. In addition to calculating standard descriptive and compliance statistics, as well as goodness-of-fit procedures, the IHDA allows the user to select from a array of Censored Data Analysis techniques – useful whenever the dataset contains measurements reported as <LOD – as well as apply the newly developed Bayesian Decision Analysis methods.

Custom Sofware

EAS Inc. has experience developing computer simulation software for designing Corporate Sampling Strategies or a Sampling Strategy for a specific process. EAS Inc. works with the client to determine the existing Sampling Strategy and to set the initial strategy design goals, and then designs a customized strategy simulator which the client (with EAS Inc. assistance if necessary) uses to design a new or fine tune an existing Sampling Strategy.


Baseline Survey Simulator

The Baseline Survey Simulator is basically a computer game designed to demonstrate that exposure assessment decisions can vary depending on the Sampling Strategy, the statistical interpretation of the OEL, as well as the selection of the OEL. It was originally designed to demonstrate the need for “performance-based” exposure assessment strategies and was intended for use in a graduate classroom setting.

Exposure Assessment Strategy Simulator

The Exposure Assessment Strategy Simulator was designed to demonstrate the weaknesses of several “off-the-shelf” Sampling Strategies, and to show how virtually any strategy can be tweaked and improved to achieve the desired level of performance.

IHDA - Student 2015

The student version of the IH Data Analyst (IHDA-Student) is intended for EHS professionals in training and those taking training courses on IH data analysis.

IHDA-Student version should not be used for work related projects, or any project where the user receives a salary, fee, grant, or other compensation.  For these application, use the IHDA professional version.

IHDA-Student provides nearly all of the features of the popular Excel spreadsheet IHStats.xls (freeware) in addition to Censored Data Analysis (i.e., analysis of datasets containing non-detects) and Bayesian Decision Analysis (limited to datasets without non-detects). It is limited to 25 measurements. Statistical output and graphs can be copied and pasted into a wordprocessor. The IHDA-Student is provided as a courtesy to attendees of the Exposure Assessment Solutions web PDCs and courses who have not yet purchased the IHDA. No customer support is provided.